Community Driven..........Student Focused


Clients are unemployed, out-of-school, non E.I eligible persons;

Employers provide full or part time employment. They benefit from the JOB CONNECT recruitment and referral services, "on-the-job" monitoring by Fanshawe staff and a wage subsidy.

The Program serves primarily youth clients with minimum educational qualifications or work experience. In London / Middlesex, JOB CONNECT is delivered through a partnership as follows: 

For clients less than 25 years of age, intake and counselling is provided by Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU)

For clients 25 years of age or older, intake and counselling is provided by London Unemployment Help Centre (LUHC)

For employer seeking workers and clients referred by YOU or LUHC, referral and placement is provided by Fanshawe College.

  Unemployed persons wanting access to JOB CONNECT first approach YOU or LUHC.        A Case manager will assist them in developing a valid "job focus" and other "employability skills". A resume is created and clients are introduced to the use of the Employment Resources Centre.

Case Managers refer suitable clients to Fanshawe Job Developers who help in finding placement, know as On-The-Job-Training (OJT).

Employers wanting access to the advantage of JOB CONNECT, contact the Fanshawe Job Connect team directly.

Placement is up to 20 weeks, involves the creation of training plan and measurable outcomes, and grants a subsidy for the employer to compensate for the cost of training. The total wage subsidy is about $ 2.400. Skill enhancement and long term employment is the goal.

For additional information, please call (519) 432-1220 or Fax: (519) 432-2069